Purchase Agreement

1. 12 Month Return Guarantee

If at any time during the first 12 months of a Diamondcross Dog’s life, the pup is found not to be compatible with the situation of the original purchaser, the pup may be returned (along with their registration papers) to the kennel, and be replaced when the owner is in a better situation to keep the dog. The owner’s “word” is all that is needed for the replacement. We strictly do not offer refund on purchase.

2. Deposit Guarantee

All deposits for a Diamondcross Dog are $1500. These deposits are non-refundable in any circumstance, however, do have a lifetime guarantee on transfer. This means that should you be unable to purchase a puppy from your initial chosen breeding you are welcome to transfer the deposit/monies paid to any other breeding at any time. 

3. 12-month Guarantee Against Congenital Defect or Disease

If your Diamondcross Dog develops a congenital condition within 12months from birth, dating from the prenatal stage, return him to the kennel with registration papers, DNA report from a qualified geneticist PLUS a report from a Specialist Veterinarian and he will be replaced at no charge.

4. Lifetime Hereditary Disease Replacement

If your Diamondcross Dog develops a hereditary disease at any point in his life you may return him to the kennel with registration papers, a Veterinarian Certificate confirming the hereditary condition & we will replace the dog. In the last 15 years we have not received any indication of hip dysplasia in our dogs however, should this arise & is considered hereditary (not injury or ailment induced), hip dysplasia is covered under this guarantee.

5. Breeding Restrictions

All Diamondcross Dogs are sold with Limited Registration Papers, which indicates that the dog MAY NOT be bred. Should you wish to breed your dog we are very open to providing Main Registration Papers after the bitch turns 12 months & is health/DNA tested, along with approval of the prospective sire & the conditions in which the dog will be housed, bred & whelped. Our aim is not to limit your freedom with your dog but to maintain a standard of quality that Diamondcross is renowned for. We are happy to provide mentorship & guidance during the breeding period if you so desire.

6. Limitations of Guarantee

The guarantee applies to the original puppy only and is non-transferable. The puppy must be in good physical condition as confirmed by a veterinarian. No replacement will be given for males or females that have been bred, neutered or spayed or sold. The puppy or adult dog must be returned to the kennel. The owner is responsible for transportation costs to and from the kennel.